Individual Counseling for Young Adults

Sessions with young adults take place once or twice a week depending on the wishes of the patient and the severity of the issues.  The young adult patient is encouraged to speak as freely as possible during the sessions about anything that comes to mind. This includes but is not limited to the past, present, fantasies, dreams and thoughts and feelings regarding the therapist.  As compared to teenagers young adults have increased privacy and confidentiality rights as patients. 

Patient Confidentiality

It is common for young adults to have their sessions paid for by a concerned family member.  It is important to note that although another person is paying for the sessions it does not give that person the right to know what is happening in the treatment without the consent of the adult child.  Exceptions to patient confidentiality are listed below.

1. The therapist considers the patient to be at a high risk for suicide.  In this case the therapist will break confidentiality and make sure that the patient receives the help they need to keep them safe.

2. The therapist considers the patient to be at a high risk for homicide.  In this case, just like in suicide, the therapist will break confidentiality and take steps to assure the safety of the potential victim.

3. The patient reports child abuse to the therapist.  The therapist is a mandated reporter and is thus under a legal obligation to report child abuse to the child abuse hotline.  If this happens the department of children and families will send an investigator to the home of the patient to investigate the claim.  The therapist has no influence over the outcome of the investigation.


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All counseling services are offered in English or Spanish.  I offer flexible office hours that include afternoons and evenings. To see commonly treated issues addressed in counseling services please go to the Treatments tab in the yellow navigation bar above.

By Miguel Brown