Initial Counseling Assessment

Depending on your concerns the initial assessment can last two sessions.  It begins with a discussion of what brought your family into counseling and the current difficulties.  The next step is obtaining a detailed psychosocial history of your teenager as well as a family history.  General goals for therapy are also established.  After the initial assessment you and your teenager will participate in a combination of teen, parent and family counseling.  The particular combination of services will depend on your family’s wants and needs.  All sessions are 60 minutes long.


If you have any questions about the counseling process or would like to schedule an initial counseling assessment call Miguel Brown at 786-664-7426 or request a consultation by filling out the form on the right hand side.

All counseling services are offered in English or Spanish.  I offer flexible office hours that include afternoons and evenings. To see commonly treated issues addressed in counseling services please go to the Treatments tab in the yellow navigation bar above.

By Miguel Brown