Anger Management Counseling for Teens

Anger outbursts in teens can be what teens do when they do not have the skills to express their emotions verbally.  Because they do not have the ability to make themselves understood using words, they "act out" their emotions. 

Anger is also thought of as a secondary emotion.  What I mean by this is that anger tends to come after feelings of hurt or other feelings of vulnerability.  Often times teenagers who become angry do not know how to manage these feelings so they react with physical anger and aggression. 

Female Anger v Male Anger

Girls and boys tend to express anger differently.  Boys are more likely to show anger as physical aggression and destruction.  Girls are more likely to use what has been called "social aggression".  Social aggression happens when girls exclude others from social activities, actively smear their reputations, or verbally attack and humiliate them. This can also be viewed as bullying as well. 

Consequences of Anger for Teenagers

Physical as well as social aggression can be incredibly destructive in the lives of teenagers.  Human beings are inherently social creatures.  We need positive relationships with other people to feel happy and fulfilled in our lives.  Aggression of any kind is a fast and effective way to destroy relationships.  This leaves teenagers with anger problems feeling depressed, like they do not belong, or continually anxious and on the defensive.  The more they burn bridges the less practice they get in positive social relationships and the more serious their social and mental health problems become. 


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by Miguel Brown