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  • Is your teenager going through a hard time because of behavior or emotional troubles? 

  • Do you worry that your teenagers may be depressed, too anxious?

  • Have you caught your teen smoking marijuana or taking other drugs? 
  • Is your child's behavior causing parenting conflicts, family issues, or marital disagreements?
  • Do you feel worried sick, frustrated, angry, or powerless to do anything to help?

  • Does your teenager have angry outbursts?

Miami Teen Counseling Can Help

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Counseling is an effective and natural way for you, your teenager, and your family to experience relief from these issues and move on from problems that don’t seem to go away.  Research consistently shows that counseling helps teenagers, parents and families overcome emotional and behavioral problems. Our office provides a safe sanctuary for teens and families to express themselves, learn about themselves and each other, and mature into healthy adults and families. Miami Teen Counseling is conveniently located in South Miami and serves the greater Miami area. 

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Meet Miguel Brown, owner of Miami Teen Counseling

I love my work and I have a passion for helping others get through tough times. I have a strong desire to help teenagers and their families and it is my area of specialization. That is why I named my practice Miami Teen Counseling. It is incredibly rewarding to see the changes that happen in teens and their families during the counseling process. I care about seeing people grow in an genuinely positive way!
— Miguel Brown, Miami Teen Counseling
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Miguel was recently interviewed by Univisión News for their special report on how to protect your children from sexting.  Click  on the video to the left to see the report. 

Happy Teens Make Happy Families

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Miami Teen Counseling Can Help Teenagers With:


Depression is among the most common adolescent emotional disorders. Through counseling, depression can be managed effectively and without the need of medication. Counseling for depression...


Anxiety is the most common psychological disorder in the United States. It includes panic attacks  and OCD. Many times it occurs side-by-side with depression. Counseling for anxiety...

Drug Abuse

Approximately 30% of teens admit to experimenting with marijuana. Teenage brains are not fully developed making drug abuse risky business for adolescents. Counseling for drug abuse....


Many teenagers struggle with self-esteem issues. Problems with confidence are usually related to other issues such as anxiety.  The counseling process can help identify the cause of self-esteem issue. Counseling for self-esteem...


Teenagers who are bullied are more likely to develop mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, & substance abuse issues. Research shows that these problems linger into adulthood. Counseling for bullying...

Anger Management

Angry outbursts in teens can be what teens do when they do not have the skills to express their emotions verbally. Because they lack the words they "act out" their emotions. Counseling for anger management...

Stress Management

The lives of teenagers have never been so full of pressure and stress as they are today. Society demands a higher level of education to achieve the same lifestyle. Teenagers who have trouble managing stress can fall victim to unhealthy levels of anxiety, worry, and depression. Counseling for stress management...


Teenags who have gone through a divorce can experience troubling emotions. Depending on the way the parents react to the divorce, teenags may feel intense loyalty conflicts, pressure to take side, & feelings of guilt. Changes in living arrangements can also cause stress. Counseling for divorce...



Counseling for ADHD can help teenagers develop effective coping mechanisms to help them manage their ADHD with the need for stimulant medication. Teenagers with ADHD often suffer from other issues such as problems making friends or getting into trouble at school. Counseling for ADHD...