Family Counseling

Family counseling begins after some time of individual and/or parent counseling.  Part of the individual and parenting counseling may be to prepare for family sessions.  Parent and teen counseling focuses on family dynamics, creating a supportive family environment, and improving communication and emotional expression.

Families need a time and place where they can be honest with each other about their experiences in the family without feeling like they may be attacked or punished in some way.  Family counseling provides this time and place and helps families create it in their own homes.  It always amazes me how many misunderstandings and grudges can be cleared up during family therapy and how unspoken tensions can suddenly be released. 

Time spent with family should feel like a refueling station to its individual members.  It should be time that makes it easier to face the problems of the real world outside.  Members should feel valued as a part of the family, loved for who they are and supported through difficult times.  These are the ultimate goals of family counseling. 


If you have questions regarding the family counseling process please call Miguel at 786-664-7426 or request a consultation by filling in the form to your right. 

All counseling services are offered in English or Spanish.  I offer flexible office hours that include afternoons and evenings. To see commonly treated issues addressed in counseling services please go to the Treatments tab in the yellow navigation bar above.

By Miguel Brown