Local Resources


Thomas Armour Youth Ballet


I met with director of the Thomas Armour Youth Ballet, Ruth Wiesen, and came away thoroughly impressed.  This organization uses its expertise in ballet to instill youth in Miami with inner strengths and self esteem through mastery in ballet.  Director Ruth Wiesen is clearly passionate about her work and the positive impact it has on her many students.  The Children's Trust has even given the Thomas Armour Youth Ballet an award for Excellence In Youth Programming For School And Life Successes.  Miami Teen Counseling has established a partnership with the Thomas Armour Youth Ballet to provide counseling services to their teenage students.


Miami Piano Academy


This is a beautiful place with wonderful aroma therapy.  It features individual rooms for piano lessons.  Each with it's own acoustic piano and elegantly decorated.  The academy also has a lounge for parents to use while their kids are getting lessons.  This organization is involved in the local community and their students are often participants in festive and holiday concerts in the area. There is a very nice young woman in the reception area named Gabriela who is knowledgeable about the workings of the academy.


Children's Bereavement Center


The Children's Bereavement Center is in the same building as Miami Teen Counseling and provides free-of-charge group therapy for children who have suffered a significant loss.  Director Peter Willig is a kind and helpful man who will guide your family through the necessary steps to participate in this one of a kind service in Miami.  The people in the offce are friendly, understanding and eager to help.


Superior Academy Of Music


State-Of-The-Art facility with sound proof rooms.  Teaches music on a wide variety of instruments.  These people are friendly with a gentle attitude but you can tell they are serious musicians!  They are bilingual and even offer musicianship classes designed to deepen your understanding of music theory.  Every instructor is a Master's or Ph.D. level professional so the quality is obviously there.


Better Families Through Tae Kwon Do


I love this idea! Marriage and Family Therapists who have black belts in Tae Kwon Do and use their double expertise to build up better families.  These people are laid back and have a nice spacious place to learn and have fun.  If you have an interest in martial arts and want to take a different approach to your family's difficulties give them a shot!



 By Miguel Brown