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General Information About Teenagers my favorite!


Teenage Depression


Teenage Suicide


Teenage Anxiety

 American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry



Parenting Teenagers

 Your Teen Magazine for parents Miguel Brown is a guest blogger here.  Check it out!



Agency for Therapeutic and Behavioral Treatment Programs


Florida Cosplay Org Information

An Organization that helps kids and teens with differents needs using different kind of Art as therapy for them. They accept all kinds of donations, special art materials as canvas, paints , color pencils, paint brushes, musical instruments, cash donations , etc.  They also are an Anti-Bully And An Anti-Sexual Harassment Org. as well. 
Here are our Links for you to contact them.
Facebook page
Web site
You tube 


Helpful Websites on Marriage and Family Therapy  (Check out #32)


By Miguel Brown